The Volplane Project

The Volplane project is an alternative AirConsole implementation for Unity 3D. It consists of a .NET/Mono framework for Unity 3D and an easy-to-use controller editor providing a user-friendly environment that simplifies the whole development process.

This projects source is open and licensed under the GNU GPL v3. It is available on this GitHub page.

Download and Installation

To clone the Git repository use:

git clone <destination>

The Unity project uses version 5.5.4f1.

You can download the newest Volplane release as Unity Package from the GitHub page:

Volplane Unity Package latest release

There are two different packages available. One will include some useful example scenes which will help get you started. The other provides just the plain framework. The package supports Unity v5.3 and above and has been tested in following environments:

  • Unity 5.5.4 (Win/Mac)
  • Unity 5.6.1 (Win/Mac)
  • Unity 2017.2.1 (Win/Mac)

After downloading, open up the Unity package in the editor and import all files into your project. To do so, click on Assets > Import Package > Custom Package... and choose the downloaded *.unitypackage file.

Important Notes

AirConsole Highscore API

Using the Highscore API from AirConsole is in the current version of the framework (v1.0) only partially supported. There is no direct integration into Volplane at the moment, but the methods from the AirConsole API can be used. Have a look into this section for learning how to access the AirConsole API directly.

For the release v1.1 of the framework a fully integrated and directly usable highscore and ghost-mode functionality is planned. The AirConsole Highscore API will be used in the background.

Android TV Support

Currently, the Volplane framework does not support building for Android TV. This feature was not considered during development and will therefore not be a top priority.