Add / Remove Elements

Controller Editor

A view can contain various elements which can be added by clicking on an element type on the left panel of the editor. When adding a new element, you will be prompted to enter a name identifier for it. If an element is selected on the workspace, it can be removed by clicking Delete Selected Element.

Placing Elements

Elements on the workspace can be placed by drag and drop. For more exact positioning, elements will snap to the defined view grid. The minimal size of a grid cell is 1% in the horizontal and vertical axis.

Element Types

A simple button element registers touch inputs.

A d-pad consist of four buttons that describe a direction. Relative d-pads can be used as digital joysticks.

A joysticks is used as analog direction input. Relative joysticks are not bound to a fixed position which results in a more intuitive input.

Swipe Field
A swipe field tracks a single swipe in any direction.

Touch Area
A touch area registers the coordinates where it has been touched.

Text Field
A text field can be used for displaying text or images on the controller.