D-Pad Properties
Property Description
Name The name identifier of this element. Must be at least 3 characters long.
Width The element width in percent relative to the view.
Height The element height in percent relative to the view.
Image The image that this d-pad should use.
8-Way Check if this d-pad should use 8 directions (diagonal).
Relative Check if this d-pad should be relative and act as digital joystick.
Distance (only relative) Set the maximum move distance of the relative d-pad handler.
Handler Image (only relative) The image for the relative d-pad handler (stick).
Highlight images The highlight images which will be placed on top of the d-pad image on a touch for each direction. For a relative d-pad, these images will be placed onto the handler image.
Text (only relative) The text to display on the relative d-pad.
Font (only relative) Font used for the text.
Font Size (only relative) Font size used for the text.
Font Color (only relative) Font color used for the text.
Layer Drawing order of this element. Higher layer numbers will be rendered on top of lower elements.
Hidden Check if this element should be hidden.