An alternative AirConsole API integration for Unity®.


Create games for AirConsole in a breeze!

Volplane is a feature-rich framework for the Unity® game engine that provides a better and faster workflow for creating AirConsole games.

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The Project

The Volplane project is an alternative AirConsole implementation for the Unity® game engine. It consists of a sophisticated C# library for Unity 3D and a powerful controller editor providing a user-friendly environment that simplifies the whole development process. It was created from the ground up from a designer's perspective and offers all the tools for a fast and productive game creation workflow. Experience the probably most versatile and easiest way to build a game for AirConsole.


  • A powerful controller editor that lets you create complex layouts for the players mobile controllers.
  • A C# library which interacts with the AirConsole API and reduces your amount of work.
  • A convenient environment where fast and frequent iterations are possible.

Controller Editor

Controller Editor
  • Build your AirConsole controllers in a simple editor.
  • Add input elements like buttons, d-pads or joysticks.
  • Style controllers with images, custom fonts and colors.

C# Library

Controller Editor
  • Uses an automatic player management giving you full control over all connected devices.
  • Lets you access and interact with the players controllers directly.
  • Represents a layer of abstraction by handling AirConsole API relevant operations in the background.


The project is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 and therefore open source. Take a look at Volplanes GitHub page for an insight in its development. If you find bugs or have ideas for new features, take a look at the issue tracker and open a new ticket.